Monday, November 29, 2010

Gran Turismo 5

I've been glued to my TV for the past week playing the just released Gran Turismo 5. It has been long coming and I purchased a PS3 just for the occasion. At first I was a little disappointed with the game play, the cast shadows are low quality and pixelated, and some of the cutlines could use an antialias filter, but overall the game felt very much the same as its predecessors. 

This was good and bad, I expected some crazy "change the face" of video games forever Gran Turismo, but what I got was the familiar game I grew up with, somewhat sterile with the same borderline cheesy lounge music.   Some of the familiar tracks returned with extra detail, but the seriousness of this game is what makes Gran Turismo the best.

As you progress through the levels and get better cars, the damage becomes more complex, and you start to notice the amount of painstaking detail that went into the game. Currently my favorite is the 458 with the best carbon fiber texture I've ever seen. Most of the textures are perfect, and with photo mode screenshots I took above, you can clearly see why this game took so long. With many patches on the way, I hope one is for the shadows, but either way I'm addicted. 

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